DTI promotes employment opportunities through investment growth and industry development. We strive to ensure trade and market access, competitiveness, and ease of doing business.

Our investments section reflects updated information on DTI-attached agencies responsible for boosting local and foreign partnership ventures.

We continue to reinforce industry competitiveness and support small-holder agricultural manufacturing enterprises, as reflected through the page.

For information on European export tariffs and products, our section on the EU-GSP+ project details information on the trade arrangement coverage, export helpdesk, and products included.

Interested in doing business in Free Trade Areas? Our DBFTA Industry Development Program page provides guidance on how you can secure preferential tariffs, conduct business in Free Trade Areas worldwide, and maximize opportunities in the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

To view goals, strategies, and performance across multiple industries, check out our dedicated page.

We also recognize and value exemplary practices towards continuous quality improvement in product and service delivery. Our commitment to rewarding outstanding organizational quality management systems reflects in the prestigious Philippine Quality Award.

You may access detailed information on the Strategic Trade Management Act, check the list of , and review the STMA .