Zero to Hero/The Next Wave follows after the triumph of its eponymous predecessor and highlights the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) commitment towards promoting entrepreneurship in the Philippines. True to its name, the project reflects the possibility of transforming little capital or inexperience (“Zero”) into entrepreneurship opportunities capable of empowering others (“Hero”). This latest iteration emphasizes the value chain as a means to generate the greatest possible value for the least possible cost. In doing so, The Next Wave allows emerging entrepreneurs to discover competitive opportunities in their business, in turn maximizing its capacity.

This collection of stories captures the lives of regular citizen-turned-entrepreneurs. The pursuit towards achieving success comes not without challenges, oftentimes at the expense of individual grit and resolve. Even so, these individuals braved adversity through hard work and sheer will. With support from the DTI, efforts they exerted towards growing their business generated prosperity.

Zero to Hero reveals stories of success through micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), representative of every region in the country. Each feature mirrors not just their successes, but the struggles they endured through both commitment and passion. With its thrust of recognizing MSMEs as the backbone of the country’s economy, the DTI extended assistance in the form of programs, initiatives, mentoring activities (Kapatid Mentor Me Series, SME Roving Academy, Negosyo Center), trade fairs, and shops (Go Lokal!, One Town One Product).

Just as these entrepreneurs embodied heroism, the DTI follows after their footsteps as it continues to help Filipino MSMEs throughout the years. Challenges notwithstanding, their journey from Zero to Hero provides inspiration. More than anything, these stories pay tribute to the unyielding spirit of the Filipino people.