DTI is committed to providing a fair, timely, and professional response to your feedback. Complaints and requests for review of our processes help us continuously improve the quality of our services and communications.

How to File a Complaint

If you are filing a complaint, you may proceed to file before the Philippine Online Dispute Resolution System (PODRS):

For any technical issues in accessing/filing/registration in using the PODRS, you may email:

For your guide, please click the Instructional Video for filing:

For complainants residing outside Metro Manila, please refer to the directory for the appropriate provincial office.

Concerns on telecommunications, banking and finance, insurance, mutual funds, electricity, fishery products, livestock, agriculture,  coconut- and sugar-based products, forest-based products,  liquefied petroleum gas, and food in restaurants, eateries, or ambulant shops, may be coursed through the following respective agencies listed below.

Matrix of Consumer Agencies and Areas of Concern

Specific ConcernAgency Concerned
Telephone rates, cellphones, TV, radio broadcast, and internet
Adulterated livestock feeds, vaccines, pharmaceuticals and biologics – Animal Feed Standard Division and Laboratory Services
Pet animals – Animal Health Division
Fertilizer and pesticide
Processed and unprocessed meat and dressed chicken
Fruits and VegetablesBureau of Plant and Industry (BPI)
Banks, non-bank financial institutions, pawnshops, and credit cards
Prices of coconut oil, husked nuts, and fresh young coconuts


Quality standards of coconut-based products

Sugar quality and price
Quality/price of the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and liquid fuelsOil Industry Management Bureau (OIMB)
Electricity/Department of Energy-Consumer Welfare and Promotion Office (DOE-CWPO)/
Forest and forest-based products
Ozone-depleting substances
Life and non-life insurance claim, pre-need plans such as educational, pension and memorial
Mutual funds (investment); financing/lending; listed companies, registered issuers of securities (time sharing) – Corporation Finance Department
Claim for insured deposit; follow-up status of claim for insured deposit; queries on deposit insurance coverage, other bank related issues/concerns i.e. unserviced withdrawals, ATM problems, etc.
Manufactured productsDepartment of Trade and Industry (DTI)
Hospitals and doctor’s services, processed foods, drugs, cosmetics, and medical services or household products with hazardous substances, Center for Health Development Metro Manila, and
Fish and fishery products
Food in restaurants, eateries and sidewalk vendors as well as on regulation  of practice relative to weights and measuresCity Health Office of the concerned Local Government Units (LGUs)