Promotion of Green Economic Development (ProGED)


Supported by GIZ, ProGED (2013-2016) is a PhP 225-million project that aims to propel MSMEs and government institutions relevant to economic development to increasingly implement inclusive, environment-friendly, and climate-smart strategies and measures.

The project’s lines of interventions are: 1) information and awareness, 2) green service facilitation, and 3) green framework conditions.

The interventions are geared towards encouraging MSMEs to make their business more environment-friendly and climate-smart while increasing their competitiveness.

Promotion of Green Economic Development (ProGED)


  • Component 1 – Information awareness on GED
    • 32 information materials/knowledge products on good greening practices of MSMEs and LGUs prepared
    • 308 greening sensitization/learning events conducted
    • 13, 683 MSMEs and other stakeholders participated in learning/sensitization events
    • 2 lists of national and international MSME green awards prepared
    • 260 MSMEs supported for nomination to green awards
    • 84 MSMEs publicly recognized for their good greening  practices
  • Component 2 – Green service facilitation and match making
    • 1 matchmaking strategy/concept note prepared
    • 69 matchmaking events between green service providers and green technology suppliers conducted
    • 2, 147 MSMEs participated in matchmaking events
    • 1,127 MSMEs signifying interest to avail of green business development services and/or adopt green technologies
    • 1 MSMEs availing green business development services and/or adopting green technologies
    • 37 MSMEs greening their operations
    • 8 list and/or catalogue of green technology suppliers prepared
    • 144 MSMEs/suppliers adopting green practices introduced by their buyers
    • 366 MSMEs availing green business development services and/or adopting green technologies
    • 495 MSMEs greening their operations
    • 83 profiles of green service providers and their service packages prepared
    • 5 green finance information materials/knowledge products prepared
    • 45 green financing events conducted
    • 1,860 MSMEs participating in the green financing match making events
    • 72 companies (“Big Brothers”) introducing environment friendly ways of doing business to their suppliers
  • Component 3 – Green framework conditions
    • Concept Note/Replication Strategy prepared and agreed with the DTI
    • 72 GED learning events for DTI and other relevant stakeholders conducted/facilitated
    • 1,386 DTI staff and other relevant stakeholders participating in GED learning events
    • 37 provinces where green economic development approaches and programs are replicated
    • 1 ProGED Replication Reference Document prepared
    • 1 DTI wide Green Results Framework developed
    • 66 industry cluster and roadmaps integrating green approaches
    • DTI national plans, programs and projects integrating green approaches
    • 30 DTI plans, programs and projects at the provincial level integrating green approaches
    • 1 Climate Smart Location Concept Note prepared
    • 63 green projects and/or initiatives implemented (by LGUs and/or by PMSMEDC member agencies)
    • 111 provincial/regional GED network meetings conducted
    • 1,568 stakeholders participating in provincial/regional GED network meetings
    • 34 resolutions passed at subnational level
    • Subnational resolutions submitted to the national level

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